New Recreational Dispensaries: The Demand is About to go Up, Up, Up!

With California, Nevada, Massachusetts, and Maine legalizing recreational marijuana, dispensary suppliers will be more important than ever. Legalization in California, in particular, will have a discernable effect on the marijuana industry, taking marijuana sales from 2.7 billion dollars to 7 billion dollars in California alone. Retailers will rely heavily on dispensary business suppliers to help them meet the huge spike in demand for cannabis that is coming.

California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana. Some medical retailers have been in business for as long as 15 years. They have the means and experience to expand their businesses to include recreational marijuana. However, to diversify their stock, add new customers, and grow, they need to be able to rely on efficient and reliable suppliers who have the products for tracking, marketing and packaging so that they can grow their business quickly without being overwhelmed.

Similarly, those seeking new cannabis opportunities in California and the other states will want established, ancillary suppliers in place before they begin, or risk glitches that could derail their business from the start.

Experts believe that California’s legalization of recreational marijuana will strongly advance the current trend to bring the marijuana industry into mainstream American society. The California marijuana industry will attract capital and entrepreneurial talent from conventional businesses that until now have been reluctant to be associated with the marijuana industry. This will ease the way for large banks and credit unions to start working with the marijuana industry. Conventional businesses and large financial institutions want to invest in professional, smooth running operations, which means operations backed by professional, smooth running suppliers.

The rise in demand for marijuana in California and in turn, the rest of the nation means that the cannabis industry is about to experience massive growth. This growth can only be sustained if marijuana retailers can depend on their ancillary suppliers.

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