Cannabis Packaging

Every product you sell needs specialized, cannabis packaging that adheres to state regulations, protects the cannabis, and displays it to the best advantage. Relax and browse our stock, because every container we sell meets these three requirements.

Flower Packaging

Protection is the name of the game with flower packaging. These vials are made with FDA certified plastic. They’re opaque to block sunlight. The lids keep out moisture and air, and the vials gently craddle the bud to keep it safe from damage.

Concentrate Packaging

Find every option available for oil, dab and shatter including dab containers, dropper bottles, oval bottles, and ointment jars. Depending on your requirements, the product lines range from reasonably priced polystyrene and acrylic to high-end glass and silicone. Add syringes and syringe finish your list.

Pre-roll Packaging

Discover pre-roll packaging that runs the gamut from pre-roll bags and cones to rolling papers and blunt tubes. In between your choices include classics like versatile blunt tubes large enough to hold blunts, joints and cartridges to specialized rolling paper made of rice, hemp, or natural, organic fiber.

Edible Packaging

Edible packaging needs to be distinctive to catch customer’s eyes. We have different packaging choices for beverages, candy, baked good and any other edible it’s possible to dream up. Choose from our colorful line of more standard containers or choose customized edibles packaging with branding specific to the product. Our line of customized boxes for edibles really stand out. Edibles packaging is always manufactured to meet the requirements of state regulations

Exit Packaging

Complete your cannabis product supplies with exit packaging that is exactly what it should be. Recreational packaging that meticulously adheres to state specific requirements and pharmacy bags just right for medical marijuana.