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  • Plastic Dropper Bottle w/Plastic Pipetted

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  • Amber Glass Tincture Bottles w/ Dropper (oz)

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  • Amber Glass Tincture Bottles w/ Dropper (dram)

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The use of cannabis oils and extracts is on the rise as the therapeutic potential of non-smoking methods is realized by the public. Help your business meet this rising demand with professional looking cannabis tinctures and concentrates safely and properly packaged for ease-of-use and efficacy.

• Amber Tincture Bottles with Pipette Lids
Amber tincture bottles with droppers offer consumers fast delivery of cannabinoids along with consistent dosing in a portable, discreet, and easy to use package. In fact, until the ban of cannabis in 1937, inexpensive, simply produced tinctures were the primary mode of delivery for marijuana medicines. MMC Depot high quality glass amber tincture bottles…

  • Protect medicine from exposure to harmful UV rays and environmental contaminants, maintaining potency.
  • Maintain product freshness and reduce odor.
  • Work great with liquids, oils and concentrates, especially oral formulations and flavored cannabis oils.
  • Have a classic, professional look perfect for medical dispensary packaging.
  • Tincture bottles come in multiple sizes to meet your packaging needs, featuring a traditional screw-on dropper cap, child resistant dropper cap, or optional screw top lid.

• Clear Glass Vials
Depending on the storage conditions of your products, amber may not be your only option. For businesses not storing products in an environment exposed to excessive light, heat and air – all elements known to degrade the effective ingredients in cannabis products – clear glass vials also offer an effective packaging option with the added bonus of giving potential customers an inside look into your final packaged product. MMC Depot’s high quality glass vials…

  • Keep odors in and contents fresh.
  • Feature black screw top lids with a white sealing insert liner – or screw top child resistant lids – to meet your specific state and local packaging regulations.

Don’t know what color tincture bottles you need?
Let the friendly professionals at MMC Depot help. We’ve done all the packaging and regulation work so you to leave you free to do what you do best – run a successful dispensary!

Get a drop on the competition with top-of-the-line tincture bottles and glass vials from MMC Depot. Contact us today!