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MMC Depot knows cannabis containers – Let us do the work!

At MMC Depot, we know that choosing the right containers for packaging cannabis products isn’t the best part of a retail, smoke shop , or dispensary owner’s job. No one sits around thinking “Awesome, today I get to order containers!” The thing is, at MMC Depot we like choosing containers for cannabis products. Our parent company has been helping customer’s package products for 100 years, so we’re container and packaging experts. We want to help our customer find just the right container for each cannabis product they sell. We keep up with the new products on the market, as well as all the state regulations in this industry. We know how a container needs to be designed to protect flower, edibles, liquids or concentrates – we know cannabis packaging! Let us do the research and sourcing, so you don’t have to!

Retail and dispensary cannabis sales are a diverse and competitive market. MMC Depot covers all the bases. We stock jars for cannabis leaf and bud. We carry bottles and vials for beverages and tinctures. We have containers for edibles. We source the right containers for every type of concentrate – hash oil, wax, dab, and shatter. Our containers are thoroughly researched and developed to meet state regs, be economical for dispensaries, and even be desirable to end consumers with great features like extra storage space for dabbing tools and syringes.

Medical Cannabis sales continue to be a strictly regulated market of a fragile product. All the containers that MMC Depot sells are ASTM certified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. They are child resistant but, easy opening for aging adults. They comply with the packaging and labeling requirements of all the states that allow marijuana sales. At the same time, the containers we sell protect the contents from air, heat, and light and are odor proof. No matter what cannabis product a store carries, MMD Depot has the right container. No matter what new product comes on the market MMC Depot will have the right container. Give us a call today for a complementary cannabis packaging consultation with one of our experts.