Prefer Vials

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There’s a reason Prefer vials are used by the majority of pharmaceutical companies. They meet and top industry standards for medical packaging. In appearance and practicality, they are the best vial for all medicines including marijuana.

Prefer vials come in shades of amber, blue and green. These are the classic, medical colors for prescriptions. The colors are familiar to most patients as pharmaceutical colors, eliminating confusion about medical prescriptions vs. other products. The vials are round and do not taper off at the bottom meaning they have a larger surface area then other vials. This larger area provides more room for labeling and customization. Prefer vials have a bigger than normal, wide mouth opening providing a clear, open view to the product inside.


Prefer vials are one of the few vials that hold liquid and dry medical, products. All the vials come in eight sizes from 8 drams to 50 drams. The choice of sizes, along with the three-color choices give you many options for separating different medications for you customers. The opaque coloring, of the vials makes them resistant to sun damage and they are air tight. They are made of recyclable polypropylene that is strong and light so they are less expensive to ship. Caps are child resistant and adult and senior friendly. For extra convenience, the caps come already attached to the vials. The vials conform to Consumer Product Safety Commission requirements and USP “light and tight” requirements.

As with all the packaging we sell MMC Depot has state specific labeling in stock for your Prefer vial. We’ll also provide the option of complete, customization of your Prefer vial packaging and labeling.