Snap Cap

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New and different cannabis products are arriving on the market every day, and every one of your customers has a different product need. MMC Depot is proud to offer a wide and ever, growing selection of cannabis containers that are high quality, specialized, but still versatile. The Snap Cap vial is just such a container – quality packaging made specifically for clients and customers who need easy opening containers, but of such excellent design that they’re adaptable for many packaging needs.

Snap Cap vials are made of strong, durable plastic that won’t crack or break. The vials come in amber, blue and green. There are 8 sizes graduating from 6 drams to 60 drams. The caps are tight fitting so that the product will not leak or spill. The caps trap all odors and are air proof. Gentle pressure snaps the lids open with one push, and the lid snaps back on just as simply. The caps will continue to open and close despite repeated use.

The Snap Cap vial is the right container for clients and customers who don’t require child safety closures at home. They’re convenient for anyone who wants to be able to quickly access their cannabis. They’re also easy for seniors to manage, or for anyone who has difficulties with opening standard, prescription lid closures to use.

With eight sizes, the Snap Cap vial can be used for any small to medium packaging and storing needs. They work for medical and recreational cannabis and will hold dry and liquid products. The Snap Cap vial is washable and reusable. They are made of recyclable plastic, but with bulk purchase available they are also inexpensive enough to be discarded.