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Thumb Cap vials have duo purpose caps. If you were to keep only one type of, vial and cap, packaging in stock; these would be the ones to choose. Thump Cap, vials work as convenient, multi-purpose containers for cannabis dispensaries and shops, and they give customers convenient, multipurpose storage options.

Shop and Dispensary convenience
Stream line your inventory with Thumb Cap vials. They meet all child resistant requirements on one side of the cap with an easy, thumb tab snap off cover. Reverse the cap and change the vial to one with a nonlocking cover with an uncomplicated, screw on and off, release. As well-made as name-brand vials, they are much more economically priced. Thumb Cap vials come in cost-effective, case quantities with the caps and vials packaged together. There are 7 sizes ranging from 10 drams to 60 drams, and they come in two colors – blue and amber. The vials fulfill USP “light and tight” requirements. The plastic is recyclable. They work for packaging flowers, buds, ointment and even joints. Both the cap and vial are customizable with labeling and imprinting for marketing, branding purposes and specific, state regulations.

Customer Convenience
These days shops and dispensaries have a variety of customers ranging from young to old, some wanting recreational marijuana, and some needing medicinal marijuana. Cater to the convenience of your customers with Thumb Cap vials that are reversible. Nothing is more straight forward then leaving a shop with product packed in a child-resistant container, going home, using the thumb tab to snap the top off, and reversing the cap to one that’s easy opening. This is the perfect, packaging solution for customers without children at home or seniors who want easy access. If the situation should change there is no need to scramble for child resistant packaging. Simply reverse the lid, again.