Edibles Packaging

Cannabis edibles can be challenging to package. MMC Depot sources child-safe packaging for any kind of edible! Whether you have a tasty new MMJ infused juice, baked goods, candies, snacks, or cooking products, we use our vast network of food specific packaging manufacturers that our parent company, Central Bag & Burlap, has been working with for decades in the restaurant, grocery, bakery and other related industries supplying scores of different packaging products for food and beverages.

Since the nature of edibles packaging is so specific and custom, MMC Depot offers both generic use containers, such as our CoolJarz Bowlz line, or we can custom fit packaging to your very specific edibles products. Give our packaging experts a call to discuss your new tasty treats that require custom, child secure containers to keep your products presentable, fresh, and safe from children.

In a pinch for quick, small quantities edibles packaging while you refine your recipes? Give us a call today to explore your custom edibles packaging!