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Cannabis Bags

MMC Depot has your cannabis covered with a superior selection of cannabis bags in a variety of styles and sizes. Our top-of-the-line materials are not only airtight and smell-proof but BPA-free and food grade to boot. FDA and Mother Nature approved, our naturally biodegradable paper bags and polyethylene plastic won’t clog landfills. Need re-sealable zippers? Add them at no extra charge. Clear front or opaque, plain or custom printed, we offer quality  bags for meeting your every need:

  • Storage & Packaging
    Stand-up marijuana bags or with hang holes for easy display. Single use or bulk storage including…

  • Identification & Marketing
    Make life easier for yourself and your customers with custom printed or colored Cannabis bags.
  • Child Safety
    Single-use, re-closable and airtight tamper-resistant marijuana bags that are CPSC and CFR approved for poison prevention – 100% success rate for child safety! Add durable, opaque, re-sealable secure exit bags and lock it down – unattractive to and unopenable by children but accessible by adults. Custom printing available.
  • Legal
    Printed with state specific “Best Practices” safety information – with ample room for your existing labeling needs.
  • Cultivation
    Root pouch grow bags perfect for cultivating your cannabis.
  • Transportation
    Transport bags ideal for long-term storage and transport. Smell-proof and heat sealable for added security, in addition to single-use, opaque paper exit bags perfect for protecting your customers’ privacy.

Find the selection and quality you need with wholesale marijuana bags from MMC Depot today.

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