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Push & Turn Airtight Child Resistant Weed Jars - Bowlz

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On the lookout for superior stash storage? You’ve found it with child-resistant push & turn stash jars from MMC Depot. Providing ample storage space for dried cannabis or edibles, our U.S. made washable and reusable cannabis containers offer an array of advantages…

• Ease of Use
Easy-open push and turn caps and wide mouth jars offer trouble-free removal of contents, yet keep children from access.

• Shelf Life Extension
Featuring an exclusive double seal, our stash jars substantially preserve product shelf life, protecting against air and moisture issues and making them a superior option for prepackaged product. Available in 4 sizes and 1 color – black – for UV blocking.

• Potency Preservation
The curved bottom and arced lid of our stash jars gently support buds, keeping them intact and preserving potency.

• Safety
High quality pharmaceutical and medical grade plastic that is BPA free and FDA food compliant, conforming to state regulations where ASTM D 3475 is needed for packaging cannabis products. Certified CPSC and CFR compliant for child safety and poison prevention.

• Security
Opaque and odor tight storage for privacy.

• Masterful Marketing
Stack or nest child-resistant push & turn jars for an effortless display anywhere in your store.

• Environmentally Conscious
Made of 100% recyclable polypropylene.

Stop your search for stash jars. If you’re looking for the best – you have found it! Order your child-resistant push & turn jars by MMC Depot today.

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