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  • 2 Dram Silicone Lined Dab Containers

    2 Dram Silicone Lined Dab Containers

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Hash Oil Syringes – Convenience in a tiny package

Hash Oil is a concentrate product made by using Co2 to naturally extract the cannabinoid oils from the cannabis plant. Until recently, full extract hash oil was sold in hard to manage vials. Hash oil syringes are the new, convenient way to package, store and sell this concentrated liquid. Hash oil syringes work equally well for packaging medical and recreational marijuana oils and extracts, as packaging for medical cannabis syringes provide customers with a much simpler and more reliable dosing method for orally consuming their medicinal product than vials.

One gram of cannabis is equal to approximately one ml of hash oil in a syringe. A 10 ml syringe allows customers to easily determine the amount of the dose they use, and the amount they have left. Hash Oil syringes are also a user-friendly way for parents to fill empty pill casings for their children’s medical cannabis use for epilepsy or other ailments where extracts provide relief.

As recreational cannabis packaging, hash oil syringes allow for compact storage, effortless transport, and discrete use. Customers will be thrilled to realize that they can use hash oil syringes to infuse food, add to a bowl, or even dab. Hash Oil in a syringe is also considerably less expensive than shatter and more economical to use for daily treatments of ailments.

Medical and Recreational cannabis retailers will find that Hash oil syringes allow for convenient, uncomplicated storage and sales. MMC Depot carries several sizes and packages of Hash oil syringes that can be custom branded to fit within a dispensaries’ product branding strategy.