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Push & Turn Jars - Child Resistant Sealz

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The CoolJarz Sealz is a dramatic and innovative container that may be purchased in monochromatic, opaque black, or cool, opaque white. Part of a new line, the CoolJarz Sealz has all the special features you’ve come to expect from MMC Depot packaging, with some new twists. The CoolJarz Sealz, push and turn lid gives straight forward access to the cannabis. The patented double seal significantly extends the shelf life of the product. This exclusive sealing feature keeps the aroma of the medical cannabis inside the CoolJarz. In compliance with state regulations, the CoolJarz Flip is opaque. Air, water, and light cannot penetrate the container, so humidity, and freshness are preserved. The CoolJarz Sealz uses pharmaceutical grade plastic that is FDA approved, and food contact compliant. The CoolJarz Sealz is made in America and is fully recyclable.

The CoolJarz Sealz appeals to the customer with a practical nature and a green consciousness, while still being an exceptional value!

Our very popular, inexpensive, eco-friendly, colorful, American-made Sealz™. They’re cool! Very cool.

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