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  • Disposable E-Cig – Metal Tube

    $4,100.00 Select options
  • Disposable E-Cig – Plastic Tube

    $3,950.00 Select options
  • Plastic with Aluminum Closed System Cartridge

    $2,350.00 Select options
  • Plastic with Aluminum Open System Cartridge

    $2,350.00 Select options
  • Plastic with Stainless Steel Closed System Cartridge

    $2,950.00 Select options
  • Plastic with Stainless Steel Open System Cartridge

    $2,950.00 Select options
  • Pyrex with Stainless Steel Cartridge w/ Metal Sleeve

    $3,950.00 Select options
  • Pyrex with Stainless Steel Cartridge w/ no Metal Sleeve

    $3,750.00 Select options

Cater to your customers with the variety of vape systems available from the vape shop. The vape market is growing fast as customers realize the benefits of a method that provides smooth taste with none of the acrid toxins found in smoke. Vaping’s economical cost is a draw, too. Give your customers the vaping alternatives they want at MMC Depot.


Battery powered e-cigs are the most basic of all vaporizers. The tanks of these disposable e-cigs are available in plastic for the budget minded, or metal that’s a little sturdier. Disposable e-cigs are a great choice for the beginning customer stocking up for the first time.


All vaporizers, sold come in closed system and open system cartridge models.

Closed System

Unrefillable, closed system vaporizers are a fast option for “new to vaping” customers, or customers with a busy lifestyle. This no muss, no fuss system is simple. No need to refill, or maintain – just throw the cartridge away when you’re finished.

Open System

Customers ready to try something new can advance to open system vaporizers. Refill the cartridge with your choice of e-liquid flavors, or mix and match flavors. Cartridges last longer, too. Environmentally conscious customers will appreciate that there’s less waste.

The best solution for many vaping customers is to keep an open system model at home, and carry a portable, closed system model when they’re active.


We stock plastic, aluminum, and stainless-steel tanks.


Plastic tanks are light, inexpensive and unbreakable. Drop one in the street and it will bounce. What’s not to like? Well, plastic tanks are slightly more prone to erosion, especially when using acid based e-liquids like citrus flavors.

Aluminum and Stainless Steel

Aluminum and stainless-steel tanks are the middle ground between plastic and Pyrex tanks. They’re attractive and they won’t crack. Customers can switch e-liquids often, with metal tanks, because they don’t retain flavor the way plastic does.


Tanks made of Pyrex look good and are high quality. They have a significantly improved air flow over other tanks resulting in a silky, flavorful vapor.
Pyrex with a metal sleeve adds a whole new option with the solid qualities of Pyrex and metal.