40 Dram Push & Turn Airtight Child Resistant Weed Jars – Bowlz


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What are the advantages of the new CoolJarz Bowlz line? Almost too many to mention!CoolJarz Bowlz are an exceptional way to store cannabis. These ample containers can store a large amount of dried medical cannabis or edibles. The arced lid easily screws and unscrews allowing the user to reach in and take as much product as they need. When the product is gone, the CoolJarz Bowlz can be washed and reused.

Great advantages for the customer, but what about the dispensary owner? The curved bottom, and arced lid, gently support the medicine bud keeping it intact, and potent. The Bowlz design prolongs the shelf life of the cannabis. This is especially useful for prepackaged cannabis. Bowlz can be stacked, or nested for effortless display, and come in black, or white with matching lids.

Inherent in the Bowlz line are the same great qualities of all the CoolJarz line. They are made in America and conform to state regulations. CoolJarz Bowlz keep air, light, and moisture from the cannabis product. The Bowlz use plastic that is approved for food contact, and sanctioned by the FDA. The Bowlz are made of pharmaceutical grade plastic and are recyclable.

Bowlz are a convenient, and stress free product for the laid back customer, and knowledgeable dispensary owner who still want a good deal!

Our very popular, inexpensive, eco-friendly, colorful, American-made Bud Bowlz™. They’re cool! Very cool.

Child resistant
Easy-open push and turn caps with integral double-seal
Exclusive sealing feature substantially extends product shelf life for worry-free pre-packaging
Airtight and watertight environment helps keep products fresh
Odortight for secure storage and content privacy
Double-sealed lid retains consistent level of humidity
Molded from lightweight, American made, 100% recyclable polypropylene
Pharmaceutical and medical grade plastic
FDA approved and food-contact compliant
100% made in America
Available in 4 sizes and 1 color – black

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