60 Dram Pop Top Certified Child Resistant Weed Jars


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The poptop is a hip, and playful container, retailing in vivid green and vibrant purple. The container features a one piece, squeeze-type design with a pop top, and open hinged lid. One easy squeeze, by an adult, and the pop top opens. Children will not be able to access the cannabis because of the proprietary hinged lid.

Poptops hold anywhere from 1 dram of concentrate to 13 drams of cannabis. The opacity protects the cannabis from the damages caused by air, light, and water, and keep it in compliance with state regulations. The container is odor tight, and made of pharmaceutical grade plastic, which is food contact safe. They are made in America, and completely recyclable.

Are you looking for cannabis packaging that suits your customers discerning life style, but is inexpensive, easy to use, and protects the product? Consider MMC Depot’s cannabis packaging

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