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Smell Proof Bags | Cannabis Bags

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Product Description

MMC Depot smell proof bags are made in the USA, designed specifically with dispensary cannabis packaging needs and state requirements in mind. Our cannabis bags come in a variety of sizes and colors perfect for accommodating a variety of cannabis products from flowers and edible to extracts.

Are Your Smell Proof Bags Working for You?
From small single use drams to large transport bags, we offer a variety of smell proof bag colors and styles for customizable use in any state where cannabis is regulated. Confused by state and local policies and procedures? We’ll find your perfect packaging solution complete with a heat seal area, resealable zipper, and tear notch for easy opening. We can also help you brand your business with custom logo design and printing.

MMC Depot Smell Proof Bags Work Hard…

• Trapping smells.
Cannabis bags keep harmful contaminants out and fragrant aromatics and oils in.

• Maintaining moisture levels.
Preserving the freshness of product and preventing staling as well as the harmful proliferation of molds, mildew, and bacteria.

• Protecting potency.
Bags block out harmful UV rays.

• Securing product.
Heat seal compatible with a tamper proof tab for a professional packaging and superior safety.

• Offering discretion.
Cannabis bags come in a variety of styles and sizes from colors perfect for portability and keeping contents confidential.

• Meeting state and local regulations.
MMC Depot can help you identify the cannabis smell proof bags that meet your business’ packaging needs and legal requirements, from clear plastic to clear/foil combinations and color schemes, complete with optional “Best Practices” wording.

• Surpassing safety standards.
At MMC Depot, we don’t take chances when it comes to safety. Our CFR and CPSC poison prevention approved cannabis bags surpass current packaging standards with an impressive 0% failure rate – nowhere near the 20% allowable under Federal standards.

• Providing a safe future for you – and the earth.
We use only the best food grade, BPA and contaminant free films that are fully recyclable.

Do your current smell proof bags stink? Find the quality cannabis packaging solutions you need with MMC Depot today.

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1 oz (6″ x 9″, 2.25″ gusset), 1/2 oz (5″ x 8″, .2″ gusset), 1/4 oz (4″ x 6.5″, 1.75″ gusset), 1/8 oz (3.4″ x 5″, 1.5″ gusset), Gram (3″ x 4.5″, .8″ gusset)


Clear/White, White/White

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