About MMC

What does ‘MMC’ stand for?

Medical Marijuana Center. This is the legal description for medical marijuana dispensaries in the State of Colorado.

There are so many mmj packaging specialists, what makes MMC Depot unique? MMC Depot is an established packaging supply company that specializes in the distribution of packaging supplies for many industries including food service packaging, retail packaging and industrial packaging. Simply put – We are packaging experts. Our large inventory and buying power provide our customers with the supplies they need, when they need them at a price that can’t be beat.

MMC Depot is dedicated to providing custom child resistant packaging. We know that many of our customers have unique, and individual packaging needs. We sell packages ranging from specially molded containers to medical prescription bags. If the packaging, you want is not on our website, we can almost certainly find if for you! If you need something specifically designed to package your product, we can work with you to develop suitable packaging.

All our packaging conforms to individual state requirements. We, continually monitor these changing requirements. If you need to customize your packaging for a specific state; we can handle that packaging concern.

MMC Depot has an assortment of custom labels. Specialty labeling will make your marijuana packaging distinctive. Consider label shapes varying from oval to square, or label surfaces varying from white semi-gloss to crystal clear. Ink colors can be found in standard black, and white, or a rainbow of colors, including any custom color you need.