Expert Insight on the Difference Between Plastic and Glass Airtight Jars

Is there a difference between glass and plastic airtight jars?

Some people argue passionately for storing cannabis in glass, airtight jars. Others are equally adamant that plastic is just as good. Should cannabis be stored in glass, or plastic airtight jars? Is there really a difference between the two?

Are glass or plastic airtight jars more environmentally sound?

Quality airtight jarsThose who argue for glass are fervent in their belief that glass is more environmentally sound than plastic. Glass is a natural, material. It doesn’t secrete chemicals, and it’s almost 100% recyclable. It’s true that plastic storage used to have a bad reputation, because it contained BPA. Now, plastic airtight jars used for marijuana storage are food safe, which means that they contains no BPA. Plastic is not as easily recycled as glass.

It is lighter, which means that it takes less plastic to make more containers then glass, and transport of plastic uses less fuel.

Do glass, or plastic airtight jars do a better job of protecting cannabis?

Glass airtight jars are truly airtight. Air will not penetrate a glass jar until the jar is opened, and this is true after years of storage. Light and heat can penetrate clear glass. The size of the container is important, too. A little cannabis stored in a big glass jar, full of air can go stale. Plastic containers have come a long way. Specialty plastic and seals do just as good a job as glass of keeping the jars impervious to air. Plastic jars are already opaque, or dark colored to make them impenetrable to heat and light.

Are glass or plastic airtight jars easier to store?

Quality airtight jarsGlass shatters more easily than plastic, so the myth goes. Glass for marijuana storage are made of heavy, borosilicate glass, which takes a lot to break. Industrial, airtight jars are also made to be as stackable as plastic.

Glass, or plastic for airtight jars? For MMC Depot, we are container agnostic – both are equally good for storing marijuana, and both have a place in your dispensary. Other than budget, it boils down to personal preference and your brand. MMC Depot stocks a variety of glass and plastic airtight jars and can modify either to fit your brand.  Visit MMC Depot online. Packaging is what we have been doing for 4 generations, and we will provide you with the right options to fit your business and your brand.