2016: A Make or Break Year for Dispensaries in Need of Marijuana Supplies

Marijuana suppliesThe 2016 elections have the potential to be a momentous year for the marijuana industry – in the U.S. as well as globally, citizens and lawmakers alike are pressing for the legalization of cannabis for both medicinal and recreational purposes. Worldwide legalization could result in a rush for marijuana supplies. Is your business prepared?

Will These Upcoming Events Have You Scrambling for Marijuana Supplies?

  • Presidential Race
    The outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election could have a huge impact on the marijuana industry, with candidates who run the gamut from outright federal legalization to those who have vowed to use federal law enforcement to go after businesses and patrons in states where cannabis has been legalized.
  • Ballot Initiatives
    On Election Day, ballots across the U.S. will host measures allowing direct votes on marijuana policy at local levels. Half a dozen states have full legalization initiatives, and numerous towns and counties will get the opportunity to vote in – or out – dispensaries. With the right President, wholesale marijuana supplies could become a hot commodity and the marijuana movement could gain some serious momentum.

  • Alaska Recreational Legalization & “Marijuana Cafes”
    This February, Alaska finally began accepting applications for adult-use marijuana businesses following marijuana’s 2014 legalization. May 24th the issuing of licenses will begin, with sales to those 21 and over beginning this fall. Alaska marks the 4th state with full legalization, and the first where marijuana can be consumed on-site, possibly setting the tone for other similar U.S. models as recreational legalization progresses.
  • Vermont Legalization versus State Legislation Adjournment
    The clock is ticking on the Vermont legalization bill, which may time-out if others issues come to the forefront before legislators adjourn.
  • Arizona’s Legalization Progress
    Arizona voters are still waiting in the wings for the signatures necessary to get bud on the ballot this November. Will they “Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol”? Only time will tell.
  • California’s Adult Use Act
    California residents are still pushing for full legalization, a move which could have significant national impact, with the state being the most populous in the country. Over a dozen initiatives have been filed, but the Adult Use of Marijuana Act stands the best chance – provided enough signatures are gathered in time.

The 2016 International Agenda

U.S. dispensaries may not be the only ones stocking up on marijuana supplies. Uruguay is slated to begin selling recreational marijuana in 2016, and Canada is a hairsbreadth from legalization as well. As the dominoes fall, other nations are sure to step-up reform and laws, falling into line and making it a big year for marijuana across the globe.

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