A Recap of 2015: Stock Up On Marijuana Bags… Legalization Is Growing

Marijuana bags2015 has been a stellar year for the cannabis industry, with entrepreneurs in states across the U.S. eagerly awaiting their chance to place their first order of marijuana bags from approved dispensary suppliers. But it’s not just American’s fighting for their right to medical and recreational marijuana – a worldwide cannabis renaissance appears to be on the horizon… How Did Marijuana Manage in 2015?

  • January 1: The 1st Anniversary of Legal Marijuana Sales in Colorado
    The $70+ million in tax revenue gained from its sales benefited area public schools.
  • Italian Army Starts its 1st Cannabis Farm
    Cutting the costs of importing the plant, legal for medicinal use in the country.
  • February 25: Marijuana Decriminalized in Jamaica
    Owning up to 2 ounces of the herb is now a petty offense.
  • February 26: Marijuana Legalized in D.C.
    Voters pass an initiative to grow, possess, and smoke in the nation’s capital. (Don’t break out your marijuana bags just yet, though, the initiative failed to define where it could be smoked, prompting the lawmakers to outlaw its use anywhere outside the home.)
  • April: First-Ever Medical Marijuana Crops Harvested in Chile
    The palliative herb is eagerly awaited by the country’s cancer patients.
  • April 20: Denver Celebrates 4/20
    Patrons gather from around the world to celebrate legal cannabis in the mile high city.
  • June: Costa Rica Begins Drafting a Medical Marijuana Bill
    If passed, it will join the list of South American countries embracing marijuana reform.
  • Marijuana Edible bagsOctober 1: Recreational Sales Begin in Oregon
    The third state in the U.S. to allow recreational sales, Oregon raked-in $11 million in revenue in the first week alone.
  • October: Australia Allows for Medical Use
    Cannabis can now be grown for medical and scientific purposes.
  • October 15: Croatia Follows Suit
    Unfortunately however, no medical marijuana prescriptions are available for doctor prescription.
  • Marijuana Colored bagsOctober 18: Elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Vows to Legalize Cannabis in Canada
    He has already begun the steps toward nationwide legalization for adults-use.
  • October 28: Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders Calls for an End to the Federal Ban
    Apparently American’s aren’t the only ones who feel the government’s criminal justice efforts would be better spent on violent offenders, not those in possession of marijuana bags.
  • November 3rd: Ohio Says “No Thanks” to Legal Cannabis
    Don’t fret though – it was only turned down because it would setup an undesirable monopoly. If a new bill pops up, it may be “game on.”
  • November 4: Mexican Supreme Court Opens Door for Legalization
    A huge challenge to the nation’s substance abuse laws.
  • December 18: President Pardons 95 Non-Violent Drug Offenders
    All were serving life sentences for marijuana-related offenses.
  • December 22: Columbia President Santos Legalizes Medical Marijuana Use
    The medical community is on-board, but concerns exist about the possibility of drug traffickers entering the industry.

2015 was another magnificent year for marijuana. Will upping your order of marijuana bags be on the agenda for your dispensary in 2016? Stay-tuned for the latest in industry news from the leader in quality wholesale marijuana packaging, MMC Depot.