Containers for Displaying and Selling Marijuana are Key to State Compliance

As laws have evolved to increase access to medical marijuana products, so have compliance requirements with packaging regulations that ensure the safety and effectiveness of these products.

While the sale of edible, recreational and medicinal marijuana is legally regulated in more than 20 states; the regulations regarding the displaying and selling of these products are not consistent across these states. This has caused considerable confusion and, in some cases, outright violations of the safe and legal sale of packaged marijuana products. As a result, industry leading packaging distributor, MMC Depot, is providing a best practice solution to this issue faced by the MMJ Industry by initiating consistency across all the MMJ packaging products distributed in wholesale throughout our considerable national network.

Regulations for Displaying and Selling Marijuana

Medical marijuana, whether sold as bud or in edible form, has to be protected from air, moisture and sunlight to ensure its quality, potency and safe consumption. However, now tamper resistance or childproof packaging is of greatest concern to the public. Within the MMJ Industry and across most states where medical or recreational marijuana is legally sold, these requirements must be adhered to with regards to marijuana containers and packaging:

– Containers and bags must be opaque and meet Food Grade requirements.
– The containers and bags must be child resistant to ensure minors do not gain accidental access to edible marijuana products that resemble regular food items.
– Containers must have airtight seals to protect the quality of the product and prevent contamination.
– All edibles packaging must be labeled with the following details: ingredients, expiry date, strength of the product, health warnings, product codes and whether any pesticides or other chemicals have been used.
– Containers designed for more than single use storage must be re-sealable.

Dispensaries selling marijuana products in packaging that does not meet with these requirements can face legal action or be shut down by the state regulatory agencies, so it is best to seek out packaging products from a reliable, reputable wholesale distributor with MMJ Industry experience.

MMC Depot has a rich, 100-year history in providing packaging for the food, retail and industrial industries through its parent company, Central Bag and Burlap. This heritage gives us access to considerable experience, strong relationships with the most reputable packaging manufacturers and the infrastructure to handle any size wholesale order to MMJ dispensaries and retailers in every state where medical marijuana is now sold.

Contact us for more information on our wide range of legally compliant, durable and customizable MMJ packaging and containers that are tailored to effectively meet the needs of your industry and the end user.