Educate Customers & Beat the Black Market with Custom/Professional Marijuana Packaging

Marijuana PackagingWith all the time and money you’ve put into your medical or recreational marijuana business, the thought of black market marijuana sales taking a bite out of your customer base after how far the industry has come in recent years can feel like getting stabbed in the back. When cannabis customers have access to high quality product easily, safely and legally, why return to purchasing back alley baggies of shady origin when quality tested product sealed into professional marijuana packaging is safely available at a reasonable price? Habit? Ignorance? An attempt to save a buck?

Where is it all coming from?
Using websites like Craigslist, medical cannabis patients are taking advantage of their medical discounts cards to profit from weed sales, as are cannabis-cultivating residents who are pawning off personal stores in less than professional marijuana packaging. Violators, hundreds to possibly thousands, are attempting to skirt the law and regulations by suggesting “donations” for product in lieu of payment. This has left the Denver Police Department stuck thumbing through daily web listings in their efforts to crackdown on these illegal sales operations.

Do your customers know why store-bought bud is better?
Differentiate your product from black marketeers with top-quality, professional marijuana packaging and information that keeps your customers in-the-know. A simple flyer, a brochure, or even a wall-plaque by your checkout can communicate much-needed information to customers on the dangers of black market marijuana products, including:

  • Cleanliness
    Customers can purchase your product knowing it’s free of mold and mildew, insects, pesticides, herbicides, or unwanted chemicals and fillers.
  • Potency
    Does your marijuana packaging tout the fact that all of your licensed products have been tested for potency, or describe its terpene profile? Unlike black market product, with a store purchase, customers can know what they’re getting every time.
  • Variety
    Even the most proficient black market dealer will have limited strains and product variety. Stores offer unsurpassed variety and selection – so much so that it can sometimes be difficult for managers and clerks to keep up with it all.
  • Convenience and safety
    There is no legal way to buy or sell marijuana online or outside a licensed retail venue. Marijuana is purchasable from a retail outlet just as simply, quickly, safely, and legally as a box of chocolates. Stores don’t run out of product like black market dealers – or leave customers hanging in some inconvenient or seedy location because they’re “running late.”
  • Community support
    Customers who purchase from a store are investing in their community, voting with their dollar not only in support of their favorite marijuana retailer, but in support of the communities that house them and the city and state taxes that contribute to a wide array of community programs, from area schools to substance abuse programs.

Set your business apart from seedy black market sellers – and the competition – with customized, professional marijuana packaging designed to show your customers why your brand is better. Discover the difference the latest in packaging technology and design can make to your business. Contact MMC Depot today for a free evaluation of your packaging and free custom cannabis packaging with bulk orders.