What to look for in a company that sells medical cannabis supplies.

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There’s many companies selling medical cannabis supplies. A quick review of Marijuana Business Daily shows a list of 100 companies in the U.S. with 34 in Colorado alone. You can bet with 7 new states, including the behemoth that is California, legalizing cannabis many more are going to open. What’s…

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New Recreational Dispensaries: The Demand is About to go Up, Up, Up!

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With California, Nevada, Massachusetts, and Maine legalizing recreational marijuana, dispensary suppliers will be more important than ever. Legalization in California, in particular, will have a discernable effect on the marijuana industry, taking marijuana sales from 2.7 billion dollars to 7 billion dollars in California alone. Retailers will rely heavily on…

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Why use concentrate containers to store cannabis concentrates?

It seems reasonable that the best way to store concentrates is in concentrate containers but the use of concentrates has exploded so rapidly that not everyone is aware of the specific reasons for using packaging made for concentrates. These reasons are both of practicality and personal preference.

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Should Recreational and Medical Cannabis labels be different?

For a long time, the major state requirement for medical cannabis labeling was some type of “medical use only” statement while the first labeling requirement for recreational marijuana centered on a “not for use for those under 21” statement. Recreational and medical cannabis labeling requirements have burgeoned as marijuana consumption…

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Why storing medical cannabis in good cannabis storage containers is crucial

If you’re in the cannabis industry you know that using good cannabis storage containers for storing medical cannabis is just good practice.  Using specialized packaging to control humidity, temperature, light and oxygen levels is just good sense for medical dispensaries who are storing an expensive pharmaceutical product. However, It’s more…

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Could your medical cannabis container company fail?

Specialized medical cannabis containers are clearly indispensable to the cannabis industry. Regulations, rules, customer satisfaction and product marketing mean you can’t have one without the other. Cannabis sales and support is the fastest growing industry in the United States. Ancillary cannabis businesses expect to double their growth this year. The…

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      Colorado Adopts New Universal Symbol on Packaging

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      Is Cannabis Being Used As a Substitute for Alcohol?

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    • YouTube shutting down cannabis channels with little or no warning

      YouTube shutting down cannabis channels with little or no warning

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      Michigan to Vote on Legalizing Marijuana

      Michigan residents will decide whether to legalize the sale, possession and use of cannabis for recreational purposes in November, after a state board certified supporters had turned in enough signatures to qualify for the fall ballot. The state Board of Canvassers received 277,000 signatures which is 24,477 more signatures than… …
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      Are You Selling Today’s Most Popular Cannabis Strains?

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