Rigid and Flexible Marijuana Packaging – Benefits of Each for Dispensaries

All marijuana packaging has certain characteristics in common. Packaging needs to meet individual state marijuana packaging and labeling requirements. It needs to be tamper proof and child resistant with easy closures and openings.  Finally, it should be light, air and moisture proof.  However, there are big differences between rigid and flexible packaging. What are these differences and what are the pros and cons of rigid and flexible packaging for marijuana?

Marijuana PackagingRigid packaging

Rigid packaging is any hard packaging such as joint or blunt tubes that are made of plastic or glass. Rigid containers have several advantages for marijuana packaging. They keep the contents from getting crushed, they fill rapidly and are refillable and they come in many sizes allowing for quantity choice. Pop top, twist and turn and screw lids, with child proof features are all available in rigid packaging.

weed containersMedical marijuana retailers can differentiate themselves from the pharmaceutical industry by ordering rigid marijuana packaging with unique colors. Both medical and recreational marijuana retailers have a wide choice of custom packaging and labeling with rigid containers, like push & turn weed containers, for example. Putting concentrates and oils in rigid polystyrene containers with a top lid is a branding technique that suggests cosmetics. Although rigid packaging is not biogradable it’s usually recyclable.


Flexible packaging

child-secure exit bagsFlexible packaging includes pouches, child-secure exit bags and envelopes. It is lightweight, resilient, and resealable. Any shape imaginable works for flexible packaging making them easy to store and display. Flexible containers also work well to package single serving portions of edibles. Flexible packaging is customizable with the advantage of printing and art work done directly on the package, Consumers can remove all the content from flexible marijuana packaging as they easily seal and reseal. Most flexible packaging is not biogradable, but it does use less material then rigid packaging causing less trash and lower shipping costs.

Advances in new barrier materials and molding techniques are the future of rigid packaging. Larger bags, bags with custom handles and custom fittings and packaging that has tear features and laser scoring are in the works for flexible packaging. Whether it’s rigid packaging or flexible packaging, MMC Depot stocks the widest and best choice of marijuana packaging possible.