Should You Consider Pre-Packaging Flower in Marijuana Storage Containers at Your Dispensary?

In states where pre-packaging is not regulated, everything is left up to the preferences of the dispensary owner. Many owners like to keep their products open so clients can smell them and see the products dispersed. However, there are many advantages to keeping your flower cannabis products pre-packaged in marijuana storage containers, some of which our experts at MMC Depot have listed below.

Inventory Control

Prepackaging flower cannabis products ensures proper and accurate measurements that can easily be checked for reliability. It is not uncommon for dispensary owners to discover that their budtenders are not accurately measuring and dispensing their products, with some of them even performing theft. Inventory control is a huge benefit in this industry and pre-packaging using storage containers is a great way to achieve it.

Benefits of Pre-Packaging Flower Cannabis

– Proper and accurate measurements
– Decreased chances of THC loss and contamination
– Increased client safety

Decreasing Handling

The more a flower cannabis product is handled, the greater the chances of it losing THC, acquiring oils and becoming susceptible to environmental damages and contaminants. Keeping your product as safe and high quality as possible, should be a huge priority for you and pre-packaging with marijuana storage containers is a great way to decrease the amount of handling and damage that your products endure.

Client Safety

As mentioned earlier, prepackaging flower cannabis products ensures proper and accurate measurements, which can help with proper labeling, measuring and handling. All of these factors increase the safety of your clients by providing consistent and quality products, free from tampering and misconduct. With an industry as young as the medical marijuana one, client safety is a big deal and not something that should be taken lightly.

Regulated Packaging

Some states have already implemented laws that govern the packaging of marijuana and if you reside in one of these states then your pre-packaged flower cannabis products will have to meet these local regulations. Lucky for you, our team is very familiar with all of the laws surrounding medical marijuana in the various states and can ensure that your products are being safely and legally packaged. With the constant changes in medical marijuana regulations, having our legal team to support you is a huge benefit.

At MMC Depot, we offer novel packaging solutions for all kinds of dispensaries. No matter what kind of cannabis products you offer, from brownies to tinctures, we have a solution for you. If you decide to go with pre-packaging flower, our experts can help you design a creative brand to store your product in to ensure optimal freshness with the highest quality marijuana storage containers. For more information or further questions, give us a call at 303-297-9955 or 800-783-1224.