Will These Celebrities Put Their Mark On Marijuana Supplies/Custom Packaging in Your Store?

Marijuana supplies

Celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, Rihanna, and Justin Timberlake aren’t shy about their love of cannabis. Snoop Dogg in particular graces the front of an array of marijuana supplies – including actual marijuana. Marketing tactics like this just go to show you cannabis custom packaging for products doesn’t have to be boring.

What Surprising Celebrities Might Influence/Grace the Cover of Custom Packaging in Your Store?

  • Bill Gates
    You read right. Billionaire dropout and Microsoft founder Bill Gates voted “Yes” to initiative 502 for the legalization of recreational marijuana in Washington State. His reasoning: “It’s probably good to have a couple states try it out to see before you make it national policy.” Smart man. (Maybe he’s also developing an app for the marijuana supplies industry behind-the-scenes.)

  • Bill Maher
    Bill Maher is a staunch supporter of legalization, pointing to it as a way to solve the country’s economic problems. He is an advisory board member of NORML, a nonprofit lobbying organization dedicated to legalizing marijuana.
  • David Letterman
    Much-loved and mellow talk show host David Letterman admitted to going a period “…where I smoked a surprising, a really breathtaking, amount of grass almost every night.” Put him on your custom packaging top 10.
  • Susan Sarandon
    The actress has aired her beliefs in the past that marijuana would make “for a much more gentle world,” and feels it’s far less destructive than alcohol.
  • Kevin Smith
    Actor, writer, and director Kevin Smith is both a marijuana fan and in the business, exceling at cross promotion. He is the first in the biz to tie-in custom cannabis packaging with movie promotion and custom strains of weed, including items sold at Buds & Roses medical dispensary in Studio City for the 2014 film Tusk.
  • Morgan Freeman
    Though he was introduced to it in the late 60s, Morgan Freeman started regularly medicating with cannabis after a 2007 traffic accident, finding it his only source of relief against fibromyalgia and chronic pain.
  • Sir Richard Branson
    English-born Richard Branson, knighted at Buckingham Palace for his contributions to entrepreneurship, is a highly respected advocate of legalization. Quite active in the movement against prohibition, he is also on the lookout for industry investment opportunities.
  • Melissa Etheridge
    Melissa Etheridge is a huge advocate of medical marijuana after gaining firsthand knowledge on the subject as a cancer survivor. She was an outspoken proponent for medical marijuana approval in New York as well as California’s failed 2010 bill, feeling marijuana supplies should be readily available to patients in need.

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