MMC Depot Introduces another Cannabis Container: HISIEERA – The greenest of the green!

MMC Depot has always been watchful to stock glass or plastic cannabis containers that are recyclable. Now we’re pleased to offer a third green alternative – our HISIERRA exit bags. What’s the difference? Let’s look at the spread:

Glass: the “go to” choice for many dispensaries

airtight cannabis glass jarsMMC Depot carries several kinds of airtight jars and storage jars made of glass. Glass is the ultimate in recyclable material.  All glass is 100% recyclable into new containers and it can be recycled over and over without losing value. Glass recycles rapidly going from the recycling plant to the retail shelf in less then 30 days have a peek at these guys.

The majority of the other cannabis packaging we stock is made of polypropylene or number 5 plastic. Polypropylene is a dense plastic, which withstands chemicals and heat, making it suitable for packaging food and medicinal products. Polypropylene, even with colors and affixed labels, is also 100% recyclable, though the process takes longer. The polypropylene products MMC Depot carries are FDA compliant, BPA free and made with previously unrecycled polypropylene.

A New Product On The Block We Think Dispensaries & End Users Will Love!

child secure exit bagsHISIERRA exit bags really do define the term ecofriendly.  Unique in the cannabis-packaging world, they are made of a sugarcane-based raw material that is renewable and sustainable, with no adverse impact on the environment. HISIERRA exit bags are manufactured in the U.S. in wind powered LEED certified factories. Mike Greenfield, creator of the bags states “we turn plants and wind into HISIERRA bags”. As exit bags, HISIERRA bags are certified as child resistant. They are available in two sizes – the Daytripper at 9” x 6” and the larger Weekender at 12” x 9”.                                                                      

MMC Depot believes in offering its customers a choice in environmentally friendly packaging. That’s why we offer glass and plastic containers that are recyclable. Now we offer HISIERRA, the  greenest alternative in exit bags.  Visit our website to learn how we can help you with environmentally-friendly packaging.