Cannabis packaging rules are changing again!

Colorado has changed its cannabis packaging and labeling regulations almost every year since it legalized the sale of marijuana.  This year is no different with new rules taking effect Oct. 1.  Washington and Alaska have followed Colorado’s lead with their packaging regulations. Oregon is not far behind with similar packaging regulations for recreational sales starting this fall. MMC Depot sees three new emphases in the packaging regulations.

First, it’s useful to take a look at Colorado’s new regulations, because they cover changes found in all four states:

  1. All edibles must have the diamond-shaped stamp identifying the product as containing THC      on the packaging and on every 10 milligram serving.
  2. Medical edibles must also have the diamond stamp, including the letter M on each serving.      MMJ retailers are not restricted to 10 milligram serving portions.
  3. Edibles packaging must state “Contains Marijuana. Keep out of reach of Children”.
  4. The words candy and candy may not be used on the packaging.
  5. Labels must include potency and state that the product has been tested for containments.
  6. The products must boast no health related claims.

Problems caused by the consumption of too many edibles has prompted some states to require general stamps identifying products as containing THC. Some states also require edibles to be packaged in identifiable serving sizes and have potency claims.

cannabis labeling complianceAll four states have always had regulations concerning child safe packaging. Most states now require “keep out of reach of children” stickers and Colorado and Oregon require that edibles be unattractive to children though with different methods. Interestingly Washington does not require child safe exit packaging because all marijuana products are packaged away from the retail site.

Contamination of cannabis products by pesticides and other harmful additives have caused several states to tighten requirements. Gowers must test their product and the results of that testing must be on the label. None of the states allow health related claims on labeling. Claims related to organic farming must be verified.

What’s the takeaway from these changes? Child safety is always going to be a main packaging emphasis. Other packaging regulations will continue to evolve as retail marijuana sales evolve Every state does things a little differently. MMC Depot is at the forefront of all these changes. Visit our web site and will review any packaging changes in your state, and can also custom label any cannabis container to fit your specific dispensary containment requirements.