Choosing the Right Cannabis Packaging

Tips for Choosing the Right Cannabis Packaging

What’s the right answer for packaging your flower, pre-rolls, concentrates and edibles? Strict regulations, constantly evolving rules, safety, storage and preservation, cost and even marketing potential all combine to complicate packaging selections. Luckily, the expert at MMC Depot have the help you need to find the ideal packaging solution…

custom cannabis packaging

Follow this Guide to Find the Best Cannabis Packaging for your Products:

  • Flower
    • Glass $$$
      The gold standard for storage, airtight, smell-proof glass beautifully showcases the quality of products, providing a high-end look that will last long after product is consumed.
    • Borosilicate $$
      Pyrex tube jars offer the benefits of glass at a slightly lower cost, with a variety of customization options from custom glass printing to your choice of lid color or design.
    • Smell-Proof Bags $
      Cost-effective bags can contain a pound of cannabis (or more), all while utilizing less storage space than hard-sided packaging. Heat sealable and tamper evident, they come in opaque and clear varieties, with a host of customization options from hang-holes, tear-notches and built-in zippers to free custom printing.
  • Pre-Rolls
    • Pop-Tops $$
      Child-safe, airtight, and waterproof, clear and opaquely colored pop-tops better protect product from transport damage, maintaining the shape of pre-rolls.
    • Pre-Roll Bags $
      Smell-proof, heat sealable and tamper evident, cost-effective pre-roll bags can hold several rolls, alongside all necessary regulatory stickers and branding. Product can become damaged when transported in large bags/purses however, so pairing with tubes (an added cost) is advisable.
  • Concentrates
    • Silicone $$$
      With a near glass-like level of transparency, silicone concentrate jars display concentrate quality with ease. Choose from see-through transparent options, or jars with a clear lid and white base to present a high-contrast background.
    • Borosilicate $$
      Lab-grade borosilicate jars let consumers liquefy contents via flame without worrying about breakage. Just heat, open and dab.
    • Acrylic $$
      Shiny and luxurious looking, BPA-free acrylic containers offer a bit more storage space for concentrates than other options.
    • Polystyrene $
      More compact than glass varieties, cost-effective polystyrene containers typically contain a silicone insert for the trouble-free storage of sticky concentrates. Custom-print them for an added marketing punch.
    • Note: The smaller size of concentrate containers typically need to be placed within a larger package (such as a heat sealed, tamper evident bag) to incorporate all necessary regulatory labeling and branding.
  • Edibles
    • Tube Jars $$$
      Tube jars offer the most appetizing presentation for edibles, key to sales success in this genre. Pair with shrink bands to ensure freshness and integrity.
    • Single-Use Bags $$
      MMC Depot food grade bags with a single-use ‘cut to open’ pouch offer tamper evidence and child resistance.
    • Resealable Bags $
      Smell proof and heat-sealable, resealable bags are ideal for high-THC products that won’t be finished in a single serving.

Tips for Narrowing Down Your Cannabis Packaging Choices

Still not sure which packaging solution is best? Look to the answers to these 4 key questions for guidance:

●        Who’s your target market?
Top-shelf connoisseurs, or the budget shopper?

●        What road will your product travel?
Picture your product’s journey from the eye of the consumer at purchase, through its use and exhibition to potential new clientele. What might boost your business’ exposure?

●        Does the packaging fit your brand image?
Your brand is your own creation, whether it’s top-shelf products prominently displayed in high-quality glass jars, or more economical options. Here details like lid-styles, colors, and custom printing can help you stand out from competitors.

●        What’s your budget?
Expect to budget 1.5-4% of retail price for packaging, keeping in mind the smaller the cannabis quantity, the higher the percentage cost for packaging.
Looking for high-quality, affordable cannabis packaging solutions? From coast to coast, MMC Depot has your product packaging needs covered. Whether off-the-shelf or custom-designed, let us help you find your ideal packaging solution today.