What to look for in a company that sells medical cannabis supplies.

There’s many companies selling medical cannabis supplies. A quick review of Marijuana Business Daily shows a list of 100 companies in the U.S. with 34 in Colorado alone. You can bet with 7 new states, including the behemoth that is California, legalizing cannabis many more are going to open. What’s a dispensary owner to do? How do you choose a supply company? It comes down to three simple things.


Experience and Longevity

Dispensaries are competitive. Dispensary suppliers go in and out of business quickly. Finding a supplier by word of mouth is not going to work. What will work is to look for a supplier that’s got experience and longevity. This means that they’ve got an understanding of the whole cannabis business, not just packaging. They’ve weathered all the vagaries that can come their way. They know what they’re doing and do it well and they’ll be around this year and for years to come.


Market Adaptability

The cannabis industry markets a constantly changing product with a constantly changing delivery system, to an array of consumers. It started with medical patients and practiced users who smoked their weed in joints and bongs. Next came tourists and experimental users intrigued by edible and liquid marijuana. Along the way vaporizers and new types of concentrates joined the lineup.


An adaptable cannabis supply company follows consumer usage trends and constantly updates their stock to be in line, if not ahead of those trends. The market will continue to change as entrepreneurs dream up new products and new delivery systems. Supply companies must adapt too to be of use to medical cannabis vendors.



Medical marijuana dispensaries owners are tracking so many issues that they need a supply company that provides supplies but also provides support. The company should understand and track compliance issues in their home state and in the nation. They should be able to point to products that are economical or high end. They need to be able to customize supply products to a dispensary. In short, they should provide the support that dispensaries cannot get elsewhere.


Are you looking for a medical cannabis supply company? Do they have experience? Are they market adaptable? Will they give you support that goes beyond just supplies? MMC Depot will give you just that. Contact us at MMCDepot.com.