Are You Selling Today’s Most Popular Cannabis Strains?

Which cannabis strains are trending across the U.S.? As states across the nation continue to legalize, the market is broadening and consumers are warming up to a greater variety of cannabis strains.


A Look at the Fastest Trending Cannabis Strains

Low-traffic outliers were omitted, with the strains enjoying the fastest increase in traffic per market this year including…

cannabis strains

How Might These Trends Influence Sales?

There are some similarities – and obvious differences – when comparing 2016 data to this year’s fastest trending strains. Key takeaways point to…

  • A Shift to Lesser-Known Strains.
    As states legalize, consumers have a wider variety of options available, and they’re taking advantage, leaving well-known strands by the wayside (Blue Dream, Green Crack) for more off-the-beaten path strains like Game Changer, Mendo Breath, and Purple Trainwreck.
  • No Dominating Strain(s).
    No strain trends in more than two states. Which strains doubled the love? AK-47, Bubba Kush, Cheese, Gelato, Grape Ape, YC Diesel, Platinum Bubba Kush, Platinum OG, and Strawberry Cough.
  • Consumers Looking to Indicas over Sativas.
    Compared to last year’s survey, in which only four states’ fastest trending strains were indicas, the turmoil of 2017 appears to have citizens turning to indicas over sativas for their stress-relieving properties.
  • Kush Strains are Popular Across the Country…
    Including Banana, Blueberry, Lemon, Orange, Bubba, Obama and Platinum.
  • Balanced Hybrids Remain Popular on the West Coast.
    Searches for hybrid stains continues again this year in California, Oregon and Washington, but for different strains like 24K Gold, Liberty Haze and Rudeboi OG.
  • The Popularity of Sativas on the East Coast and in the Midwest has Declined.
    Sativa strains, particularly popular in the Southeast region last year, now remain popular only in Arkansas, Mississippi, and Vermont.


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