Smell Proof Bags

child secure exit bagsA smell proof bag is the workhorse of dispensary packaging. Ever since people having been buying marijuana they’ve been leaving with their product in a bag. Bags may not be glamorous but they are indispensable. You’ll find that they combine the features of good construction with versatility whether you use them for exit packaging or specialty packaging.


Bags – They’ve Come a Long, Long Way


What features do you and your customers look for in well-constructed marijuana packaging? You want something that’s durable and protects the contents. Your customers want something that’s portable and discreet. The quality, cannabis specific bags that MMC Depot sells fulfill both these requirements.


All the bags we sell are made with the latest technology and materials which make them puncture proof, tear resistant and child proof. They can literally be used over and over. The same materials and technology that give the bags durability protects the product inside from air, moisture and sun. The product you sell remains potent and aromatic. The material is also FDA approved.

Your customers will find that these smell proof packaging really do block odors from escaping. This is not just advertising hype! These bags are aroma free. They’ll also be pleased that these portable bags, come in sizes and shapes that fit in everything from a purse to a pocket.


Bags – Versatile Packaging


Cannabis bags have long been used for exit packaging because of their simplicity.  Coming in a variety of sizes with the options of zip locks, tamper proof pull tabs and heat seal capabilities they’re convenient and safe. However, bags are also right for packaging specialty cannabis products. Use them to package cannabis products from extracts to edibles. Go small with a bag made for syringes. Appeal to medical customers with a professional pharmacy bag. Then customize with colors and shapes, labels, and logos for packaging that’s adaptable to any cannabis product.


MMC Depot stocks a full range of regulation compliant, exit and specialty bags including popular brands like Hisierra, FunkSak and Stink Sack. Order them at 300 500 3890, 800 783 1224 or .