Why storing medical cannabis in good cannabis storage containers is crucial

If you’re in the cannabis industry you know that using good cannabis storage containers for storing medical cannabis is just good practice.  Using specialized packaging to control humidity, temperature, light and oxygen levels is just good sense for medical dispensaries who are storing an expensive pharmaceutical product. However, It’s more than just good practice, it’s crucial to the therapeutic properties of the cannabis.

Good Medical Cannabis Storage Containers are crucial to your dispensaryHumidity

The right boundary between cannabis that’s too dry and too humid has solidified in the last few years with the ideal Rh considered to be between 59% and 63%. Keeping humidity below 65% reduces the chance of mold growth, especially important for medical customers because mold can cause serious allergy reactions. Too low a humidity keeps the cannabis from continuing to cure. Trichomes will become dry. Both result in cannabis that’s less rich and is bitter in flavor. Humidity is easily controlled with packaging, which essentially creates a controlled environment.


As with humidity there’s a careful balance between extremes of temperature in cannabis storage. Excessive cold results in trichomes that become brittle and break, leading to stale cannabis. Excessive heat causes the plant to dry out, resulting in dry cannabinoids and terpenes which causes plant and flavor degradation.  Hot air also holds more moisture, leading to the problems of high humidity discussed above. Cannabis-specific packaging maintains the cannabis at a stable temperature.


Growing cannabis needs sunlight or ultraviolet light to flourish. Once the cannabis is harvested and stored, any amount of light will begin to degrade the THC. This lowers the potency and then the medical effectiveness of the cannabis. Cannabis stored in opaque or dense packaging remains stable for two years and effective for even longer. Regulating the light with careful packaging also helps to manage temperature swings.


Oxygen is a problem for most medicines, including medical cannabis. Just like too high a temperature and too much light, too much air in cannabis packaging effects the cannabinoids. Simply put, cannabis exposed to excessive oxygen degrades and becomes stale loosing scent and flavor and eventually effectiveness. Cannabis must be stored in specialized containers with tight sealing lids to stay potent for medical purposes.

Storing medical cannabis is not only important for flavor and freshness, but also critically important to keep the cannabis effective as a medication for your customers. Visit us online to find packaging tailored for medical and recreational cannabis.