Choosing the Right Cannabis Packaging

Cannabis Packaging

Tips for Choosing the Right Cannabis Packaging What’s the right answer for packaging your flower, pre-rolls, concentrates and edibles? Strict regulations, constantly evolving rules, safety, storage and preservation, cost and even marketing potential all combine to complicate packaging selections. Luckily, the expert at MMC Depot have the help you need…

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What to look for in a company that sells medical cannabis supplies.

cannabis tincture bottles

There’s many companies selling medical cannabis supplies. A quick review of Marijuana Business Daily shows a list of 100 companies in the U.S. with 34 in Colorado alone. You can bet with 7 new states, including the behemoth that is California, legalizing cannabis many more are going to open. What’s…

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How should demographics affect your cannabis packaging?

Colorado’s got Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson. California has Roseanne Barr and Tommy Chong. Do celebrity endorsements really sell marijuana? When queried, customers say no. Tying your cannabis marketing to demographics and cannabis packaging makes more sense. To do that, it helps to understand cannabis demographics. Basic cannabis demographics Studies…

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