Why use childproof weed jars?

Cheap, Easy-to-Open Weed Jars: Are They Contributing to Pediatric Cannabis Exposure?

A July 2016 study in the journal of JAMA pediatrics noted an alarmingly high rate of exposure to cannabis products in young children. It seems since cannabis products, likes sweets, went on the market legally in 2014, exposure rates have skyrocketed – 150%. Though rates have been climbing since 2009, when the government decided against the prosecution of users and suppliers conforming to Colorado’s state laws, and were anticipated to rise with the legalization of recreational use, the pediatrics industry never expected such a dramatic increase. Sadly, this exposure is easily preventable with childproof weed jars and cannabis packaging for edibles.

Much-needed legislation

Childproof Weed JarsThe findings in the study led to the author’s recommendation for childproof weed jars and cannabis packaging for edibles, as well as warning labels. Packaged in bright, interesting colors, available in highly variable doses, and innocuously blending in as food products, children (especially toddlers) can be easily drawn to marijuana products, making the use of childproof weed jars and cannabis packaging for edibles essential in stores – and at home – to prevent the deleterious effects of cannabis products on young children.

Unintended consequences

The cases in the study, drawn from Colorado’s poison control data, included 163 documented cases from 2009-2015. From this point-of-view the number may not seem all that striking, however when you consider a single area hospital saw 81 children for cannabis exposure during this time – and multiply this rate by the number of facilities in the area – the true rates may indeed be staggering.

If stores are sending product out in childproof packaging, why are these rates so high

Childproof packaging has only been required since 2015, with this year’s “gummy bear” law regarding edibles shapes and upcoming “! THC” stamping legislation just underway, making the effects of childproof packaging and labeling laws on these alarming exposure rates as-yet undetermined. Many of the children being treated are too young to read warning labels of any kind, and to be sure, product packaging is only as good as its end user’s sense of responsibility, which can be directly affected by ease-of-use.

Trickle-down effects

Colorado is not the only state suffering these unintended consequences. Other state healthcare facilities are also seeing similar cases. In question: How close the above rates are to true rates, as parents may not honestly report the situation in areas sans-legalization, where children may not receive appropriate care because caregivers fear being arrested over a child who ate a brownie.

Improvements in childproof packaging

Due to this crisis, reputable cannabis packaging companies like MMC Depot have been stepping-up to not only provide quality, functional childproof weed jars, edibles marijuana containers, and smell proof bags, but in some instances to assist in the development of better packaging regulations for cannabis goods. This includes the development of “pharmaceutical grade” packaging as part of efforts to legitimize the industry, as well as to raise industry standards and be taken more seriously, not just by the medical and pharmaceutical communities, but by the general public as a whole.

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