Why use concentrate containers to store cannabis concentrates?

cannabis concentratesIt seems reasonable that the best way to store concentrates is in concentrate containers but the use of concentrates has exploded so rapidly that not everyone is aware of the specific reasons for using packaging made for concentrates. These reasons are both of practicality and personal preference.


We can’t stress this enough. Light, heat and oxygen are the enemies of any cannabis product,  including concentrates. Cannabis stored in professionally sealed containers is much less likely to degrade. In fact, oils or alcohol-based tinctures stored in the right, unopened packaging can last indefinitely. Other concentrates, properly packaged, are equally good at keeping product fresh and potent.

No getting around it, most concentrates other than tinctures are sticky. Using good containers means less waste for you and more chance for your customers to get every dose. It also cuts down on human handling issues that can contaminate the product.


Polystyrene plastic containers are the most economical of concentrate packaging and desirable for their ease of use. MMC Depot’s polystyrene containers can store concentrate and weed at the same time. Acrylic plastic is resistant to chemicals and non-breakable. They are also economical for dispensary owners and perfect for customers who want to be able to see their product.

cannabis concentratesSilicone jars are non-breakable and nonstick though a little more expensive. They can be used over and over after sterilization in boiling water. Silicone insulates the cannabis product against temperature changes that cause break down. Glass is another container that allows customers to view the product and is reusable. Glass is considered the preferred storage method for all cannabis products because glass containers are impermeable to oxygen and moisture – two contaminants that can kill potency and flavor. The newest glass storage containers are as unbreakable as plastic. As high-end containers, both silicone and glass concentrate packaging work well for custom printing and custom colors.

Sometimes practicality is the most important aspect of packaging. Other times dispensary owners and customer’s preference is central to packaging choice. At MMC Depot we offer you the best of both. Contact us to speak to one of our 4th generation packaging experts.