Custom Cannabis Packaging

Custom Cannabis Packaging

Custom Cannabis Packaging
Creating custom cannabis packaging can be overwhelming. From artwork and logos to detail-oriented labels that meet state specific legal and safety requirements, it’s understandable why you may feel in over your head, especially for those new to the bud business.

Take Control Of Your Custom Brand
Brand your business professionally from seed to sale with the help of the experts at MMC Depot. Look unique, help customers more easily locate products, and make bud tending easier with custom cannabis packaging designs perfectly tailored to meet your product needs, including:

• Artwork and logo design.
• State specific “Best Practices.”
• Accurate, descriptive labeling verbiage.
• An array of label shapes, surfaces, sizes and colors.
• Custom ink colors including custom color matching to find your unique look.
• Applied perfectly to packaging selected specifically to meet each products’ regulatory and safety requirements.

What Types of Products Can Be Custom Printed?
Create memorable cannabis containers with designs that keep you as the preferred dispensary for customers coming back for more with our wide variety of custom cannabis packaging solutions.

• Airtight glass jars.
• Apothecary style display jars.
• Smell proof bags.
• Pre-rolled tubes.
• Concentrate containers.
• Blister packs.
• Hash oil syringes.
• Tinctures, bottles, & vials.
• Edibles packaging.
• Child resistant packaging.
• Bags and boxes.
• Don’t see it? Just ask! Any item on our site can be printed with your logo. Our inventory expands often.

How Low Can We Go?
At MMC Depot, we keep minimum order quantities low and pricing economical regardless of your custom cannabis packaging order level to help you affordably achieve the results you’re looking for.

• Custom printed bags: 10,000
• Custom printed jars: 2,000
• Custom printed concentrate containers: 3,000
• Custom printed pre-rolled tubes: 10,000
• Have a specific product and packaging in mind, just ask!

Not Sure What You Need?
Ready to roll or at a loss for words, we can help you figure out exactly where to start. Looking for a little inspiration? Check out some of our custom cannabis packaging designs from our loyal cannabis customers.


Transform your store and your image with superior packaging. Take your business to the next level with the help of the custom cannabis packaging experts at MMC Depot. Contact us today.