The Best Dispensary in Denver

marijuana packagingDeciding which is the best dispensary in Denver is difficult. It’s a pretty subjective decision. What does best mean, anyway? Best bud? Best service? Best choice? And who gets to choose? The customers? The clients? The critics? MMC Depot set out to do some research and then curated the best of the best lists for you to consider.


Leafly publishes a best dispensary list every month. It’s only natural to turn to their best dispensary of 2016 list. Their winner is Lightshade on Havana. They cite Lightshade’s “excellent customer service, warm shopping experience”, and “state of the art cultivation center”. Lightshade, themselves are particularly proud of their “white dawg” strain and their product selection.



Westward magazine is known for its yearly “best of Denver” list. We’re intrigued by their choice of Good Chemistry as the best dispensary for newbies. According to Westward, they provide “personalized” and “detailed” service. They have a unique, category system for sensations produced by each strain that’s great for the newbie and the experienced user alike.



Leafbuyer heads in a different direction with their best of list, checking out what dispensaries sell the best cannabis flowers. Top of their list is Ballpark Holistic Dispensary. They have 18 different strains including their top selling Denver Maple, which won best Indica of the year at the 2014 Cannabis Cup.



The question CannaSaver posed was which was the best dispensary for daily savings on edibles. They found that The Joint by Cannabis, selling medical and recreational marijuana had the best all-around savings with 20% savings on edibles every day of the week. Overall, best deal was The Medicine Man with buy one get ½ off on recreational and medical edibles every Monday.



News.Mic wanted to know what Colorado residents thought was the best Denver dispensary. They looked at Yelp and found that L’Eagle held the number 1 spot in people’s hearts. L’Eagle sells recreational marijuana. Review after review mentioned “knowledgeable staff and “quality product”.


There you have it. The best dispensaries in Denver. For the best packaging of the products in those dispensaries contact us through