The Definition of Dispensary for the New Dispensary User

cannabis dispensaryIf you’re about to visit a cannabis dispensary for the first time a definition of dispensary might be just what you need to ease your fears. Maybe you’ve been smoking recreational weed for years and you’re about to go legit with your supplier. Or you’ve got a new medical condition that is responsive to marijuana. Could be you’re a tourist looking to check things out. Whatever the case, that first trip might be a little intimidating but no need to worry if you’ve got the facts.

Just the Basics

Back when stores sold only medical marijuana they were called dispensaries. When CO started selling recreational marijuana the term came to apply to both medical and recreational marijuana. So, a dispensary is just a place where marijuana is sold. Dispensaries sell all kinds of marijuana from flower to concentrates and edibles, most of which are on display for customers to view. Dispensaries also sell all the apparatus needed to consume the marijuana product.

Clerks at dispensaries are called budtenders and they’re there to help you decide what product is right for you and to answer any questions you might have.

What Happens Next?

You’ve wondered around and asked some questions. Now you’re ready to make a purchase. What happens next? You need a current, valid ID just to get in the door and then to purchase the marijuana. Next, you’ll need cash. Dispensaries are not usually equipped to take checks or cards. Come prepared to stand in line. Leave some distance between you and the person in front of you for privacy.

State requirements for dispensaries are strict and strictly enforced. That means no cell phone or pictures, no consuming marijuana on the premises and no returns. Your product will likely be placed in exit packaging and needs to stay there until you leave the dispensary premises – that means the parking lot too!

Do your Homework.

Like any other retail establishment, dispensaries cater to different shoppers with different needs. Are you looking for an upscale store with exotic edibles or a neighborhood place with a “get to know you” vibe? What effects does an edible have compared with flower?  Medical and recreational stores have different rules, too. States have different age, purchase amounts and taxes for medical and recreational dispensaries. You don’t have to know everything there is to know about marijuana, to visit a dispensary but it helps to have a little pre-knowledge.

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