Does Your Dispensary Meet ADA Requirements?

Medical Cannabis labels

Though state legal, federal restrictions on marijuana technically leave dispensaries in the clear when it comes to ADA compliance. If your establishment is taking advantage of this legal ‘loophole,’ however, it could be costing you…

ADA Compliance Opens the Door to a Wider Client Base

A previous state illegal (and still federally illegal) drug, purchasing medical marijuana is already a daunting experience for any consumer, putting employment and government benefits at-risk. This is often compounded by an unaccommodating environment for the disabled in dispensaries shirking ADA compliance, leaving a large segment of users on the sidelines. Most qualifying conditions for medical marijuana include conditions recognized as disabilities by the U.S. government. Over 53 million Americans live with some kind of disability – about one-in-five residents. How is your dispensary receiving them?

How to Better Accommodate Disabled Patients in Your Dispensary

Making your dispensary more welcoming for the disabled doesn’t always involve large investments or modifications. What adjustments might you make to create a dispensary that’s more inviting for disabled patrons?

  • Wider doorways and ramps to make the path easier for wheelchair-bound patrons.
  • Chairs in the lobby and waiting room to offer relief for infirm and elderly patients who struggle to remain standing for long periods of time.
  • Large-type menus and signage to aid those with poor vision.
  • Veteran’s discounts to reach out to the 3.5 million veterans suffering a ‘signature’ disability like PTSD or TBIs.
  • A dimmer switch or designated area with low lighting to create a welcome respite for those suffering seizures, light sensitivity, and other traumas, or designated ‘quiet days’ for clients with anxiety and sensory issues.
  • Welcoming service/therapy dogs on-premises with their owners to give disabled customers the support they need to ‘take the leap’ into your dispensary.
  • Free shuttles from pre-designated, centrally-located areas to increase access for those with no transportation or limited mobility.
  • A staff member dedicated to those with special needs, alongside training for fellow staff members on how to better accommodate the disabled, to better tailor/streamline dispensary services.
  • Showing your understanding of the disabled through the hiring of disabled workers also offers an unmatched way to show your acceptance.

Hiring the Disabled

Hiring and making workplace accommodations for disabled workers offers tremendous opportunities for enhancing a disabled workers quality of life. Employment prospects for disabled workers do not come easily, as is seen in the 17.9% unemployment rate of the disabled – a number nearly four times the national average. As an added bonus, the disabled worker is an ideal candidate for providing service to fellow disabled patrons, connecting and empathizing with them in a way that can foster a lasting relationship with your dispensary.

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