Dispensary Supply Shopping Made Easy!

colored cannabis packaging bagsRunning a dispensary is difficult enough without adding time-consuming shopping for dispensary supplies to the mix.  You should be able to shop for all your supplies in one place and the process should be simple and uncomplicated. Our goal at MMC Depot is to make shopping for dispensary supplies the one part of running your business that is fast.


One Stop Shopping

Whether you sell medical or recreational marijuana, or both every supply you need is at MMC Depot. You’ll find an endless variety of packaging. Discover containers for edibles, concentrates, flowers and topicals. Are you looking for packaging for a new product or for a classic standby? Does a product with diminishing sales need a packaging do over to boost sales? MMC Depot has containers to suit every need. Maybe you’re about to open a dispensary and need to start with less expensive packaging. Could be you’re an established dispensary and would like to upgrade your packaging. At MMC Depot there’s a packaging from economy priced to premium containers and everything in between. Shopping for supplies doesn’t stop with containers. You’ll also find the packaging accessories you need to complete your order. We sell gloves, sealing equipment and repair kits.

We make it simple for you.

MMC Depot has been in the supply and packaging business for over a 100 year and it shows. We know how to keep the process simple for our customers.  An extensive network of manufacturers allows us to keep a large inventory with low minimum orders. Our stock is always current and ready to meet the demands of new product trends. Don’t worry about conforming to state packaging regulations and child safety rules. MMC Depot has been at the forefront of child safe packaging since the beginning and all our products are certified to follow state and local regulations. Are you interested in custom printing, packaging, labels, or logos?  Packaging experts are standing by to assist you in choosing the right container, and then help you customize it to suit your personal brand.

Is your business local to Colorado? Feel free to come down to our warehouse, look around and talk one on one with a representative. For national buyers find your choice of dispensary supplies on our website. Call us or contact us online. Once you’ve made your choice, we’ll send you on your way with free local delivery or fast national shipping,

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