Ready to Scale your Weed Dispensary Business up?

Wondering why you need to scale you weed dispensary business up? Business is good. Profits are up. You’ve established a steady, niche market. Why mess with a good thing? The answer is simple. There’s a tsunami of change coming to the marijuana industry and businesses that are prepared are the ones most likely to ride out the wave.

The recent upsurge of recreational marijuana legalization changes the status of marijuana retail sales. First competition is going to increase. The legalization of recreational marijuana in California triples the marijuana market in the United States. Recreational marijuana is now legal in all five pacific coastal states creating a powerhouse block of legalization. Marijuana retailers in states like Colorado and Washington have competed only with retailers in their state. Retailers will now be competing not just within their state, but countrywide and against increasingly large scale operations. How do you prepare your store for increased competition?
1. Establish a strong, polished online presence.
2. Post consistently on online media.
3. Keep you store immaculate.

Next, competition is going to diversify. One in five Americans now live in a state where recreational marijuana is legal. New ways to sell marijuana are going to proliferate like well, weed. The original recreational marijuana retailers have learned how to whether rule changes, regulation changes, product changes and how to brand their products to a specific market. They’re prepared to diversify further with new products that meet the expanding market. How do you prepare your businesses to compete against new and various markets?
1. Good service that sets you apart from other businesses.
2. Clever marketing that makes your business seem exclusive.
3. A unique brand visible on all products, containers and exit packaging.

It’s time to ride the wave of marijuana retail change and scale your weed dispensary up. MMC Depot has been helping businesses adapt to changes for over 100 years. We can do the same for you.
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