Should Recreational and Medical Cannabis labels be different?

Medical Cannabis labelsFor a long time, the major state requirement for medical cannabis labeling was some type of “medical use only” statement while the first labeling requirement for recreational marijuana centered on a “not for use for those under 21” statement. Recreational and medical cannabis labeling requirements have burgeoned as marijuana consumption rises and state regulatory agencies contend with new products in both categories and the resulting issues. Should this result in a difference in the way that recreation and medical marijuana are labeled or the cannabis packaging? Yes and no. No because there are some general safety issues that states agree that both recreational and medical labels must show. Yes, because medical and recreational marijuana products require different labeling for branding and customer safety.

Medical Cannabis labelsDifferent states have different quirks regarding labeling requirements. Colorado has a strong emphasis on clarity about pesticide use on their labels. Washington mandates that the type of extraction process used to make the product be on the label. Still all states that regulate cannabis have labeling requirements in common: the label needs to identify the product as a marijuana product, there should a batch or serial number identifying the product and the store that it is sold from, the level of THC must be indicated in some way and the label needs to have a “keep out of reach of children” statement. More general labeling requirements in common between the states are coming, but the unvoiced consensus seems to be that all cannabis labeling must include these four.

Branding of cannabis products has intensified as both medical and recreational markets seek to differentiate themselves from competitors. It’s important for packaging labels to differentiate between medical and recreational products for branding and for customer safety. Medical marijuana clients want labels that clearly indicate therapeutic results and product safety particularly for children and the elderly. They want labeling that is discreet and professional and doesn’t shout “this is a pot product”. They’re often interested in labeling information that indicates whether the cannabis is organic or pesticide free. Label branding for recreational marijuana can be less specific and appeal to a wider range of customers.

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