A Guide to Using Joint Tubes

Having a little fun with joint tubes (and joints)

The marijuana industry has become, a pretty serious industry. And sure at MMC Depot we’re serious about marijuana packaging, and proud of the packaging we offer to dispensaries all over the country. Take our joint tubes.  We work hard to bring together top of the line manufacturers. We stock joint tubes that are varied and completely customizable.  They’re child proof. They’re smell proof. They come in myriad sizes and colors. But, we also wonder, if the marijuana industry has gotten a little too serious. So, today’s blog is about the lighter side of joint tubes and (joints).

What to do with those old, unwanted joint tubes?

Smoking a joint is still the least expensive, easiest way to use marijuana, but what to do when those joint tubes start to pile up? Joint tubes are great for repurposing. Use them to organize dab tools, or lighters. Put them to work separating earing backs, pins and needles. Use them to keep herbs and spices fresh. Take them in a whole different direction, paint them and decorate the house with them. The sky really is the limit with joint tubes!

What to do with those old joints (besides smoke them)?

Example of Joint TubesTruthfully, most people are going to use joint tubes for storing joints. Then they’re going to pull their joints out of the tubes and smoke them. Not Tony Greenhand. He might have started by smoking all his joints, but, now he uses some of them to create sculptures. He started with a three dimensional rocket ship and went on to “Tokey the Bear”. Now he sculpts joints for a living, including for celebrities and charities.

Tony Greenland needs quality, joint tubes to keep his joints fresh for sculpting. You need quality joint tubes to keep your joints fresh to sell. Your customers need quality joint tubes to keep their joints fresh for smoking.  Visit us online at www.mmcdepot.com.  We have the right joint tubes for everyone!