Marijuana Packaging and Industry Trends for the remainder of 2016

marijuana packaging2016 has the potential to be a landmark year in the marijuana industry – both at home and abroad. As the market expands and both medical and recreational marijuana presents added opportunities, it’s gearing up to be a breakout year for cannabis corporations, from cultivators to dispensaries and marijuana packaging suppliers.

How will the industry evolve?
The evolution of the marijuana industry will continue to be a mixed bag, with both positive and potentially negative trends coming to pass. Expected in 2016…

  • Branding and marketing will take a major step into the spotlight.
    Expected to be 2016’s biggest trend, marijuana dispensaries are zeroing in on branding and marketing, including custom designed marijuana packaging, to set themselves apart from fierce competition and create customer trust with superior packaging.

  • Price declines due to market saturation.
    For over a year, warning signs have pointed to over-saturation in mmj product inventory, which may result in price wars. If this occurs, excess inventory could go straight into marijuana packaging in the form of oils and extracts, drastically lowering prices in this segment.

  • Medical research projects leading the way to new products.
    Including possibilities such as cannabis-based IV products, suppositories, and new types of non-smokable medicines for use by medical marijuana patients.

  • Continued research into the topicals market…
    Which has yet to be tapped as research continues to delve into the various uses for cannabinoids to better meet the needs of possible new applications and markets.

  • The introduction of new products to the edibles market.
    Infused edible products are becoming very creative, increasing the influx of new products in a market that has barely scratched the surface of its creative potential. It appears the latest edibles marijuana packaging regulations aren’t hampering this segment in the slightest.

  • Established cannabis industry firms will see favor.
    As both new and seasoned investors seek their fortune in the rapidly developing marijuana trade, those dispensaries who have an established brand are likely to fare better in attracting legitimate financial support.

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