Cannabis Packaging FAQ

Keeping up with the confusing, ever-changing regulations for marijuana packaging wearing you out? MMC Depot can help, with marijuana supplies and cannabis packaging products that are affordable, functional, legal, and safe. The best part? We’ve done all the work for you, from researching state and local regulations to the sourcing of safety-approved packaging.

Don’t know what you need?
We can help. We understand that navigating marijuana packaging can be exhausting, so our packaging experts are here to make your purchase of marijuana supplies and cannabis packaging products stress-free, helping you find the right supplies for every product you carry.

We can help with that too, imprinting the perfect artwork, logos, and labels for all of your marijuana supplies and cannabis packaging products, not to mention handling those necessary “Best Practices” and product ingredient labels.

What products does MMC Depot stock?
All packaging supplies for MMC’s, edibles and medically infused food products manufacturers and growers. Remember, if you don’t see what you want on our website- tell us and we can likely get it for you.

MMC Depot is the exclusive Colorado supplier of CoolJarz™. What is unique about this product? CoolJarz™ are the coolest containers on the planet. Thoughtfully designed and precision-molded to ensure a sealed, protective environment, CoolJarz™ will help you build and maintain a loyal customer base by custom-packing or pre-packing their meds and herbs in distinctive, professional, fully-sealed and totally-secure containers.

I don’t see a product I’m looking for on MMC Depot’s website. Can MMC Depot get it for me?
More than likely- Yes! Just ask us.

Does MMC Depot sell state compliant packaging?
Yes! Together with our legal team we are constantly monitoring the latest requirements of compliant packaging and custom printed labels.

Does MMC Depot sell medicated products?

How can I place an order?
Online, e-mail, phone or fax

Does MMC Depot accept orders by phone or fax orders?
Yes. Our fax # is 303-297-9960.

How can I check my order’s status?
Once an order is placed online, a confirmation email with tracking info will be sent. Otherwise, you can email or call for current order status.

How soon will MMC Depot process my order?
Orders will be processed immediately and will be scheduled for shipping/delivery the next business day. Customers are always invited to pick up their orders during regular business hours.

Does MMC Depot charge shipping costs?
MMC Depot will ship your order via FedEX. Our negotiated low rates ensure that any shipping charges will be low. Metro Denver/Boulder customers enjoy free shipping on orders greater than $300. Of course, there are no shipping costs on will call orders.

Does MMC Depot ship internationally?

I live in the Denver area and would like to avoid paying shipping fees. Does MMC Depot have a pick up location?
Yes. We are located at 5601 N. Logan St. Just off of 58th Ave. and I-25

What forms of payment does MMC Depot accept?
Credit Card, Check, Cash

Does MMC Depot offer discounts for large orders?
Yes. Please contact us for quantity discounts.

What is MMC Depot’s return policy?
All unused products in the original packaging can be returned within 10 days. All returns must be issued a Return Authorization Number in order to receive credit. Returns might be subject to a 20% restocking charge.

How does a credit card charge appear on my statement?
Central Bag & Burlap Co.

What marijuana packaging products does MMC Depot carry that are ASTM Certified?
MMC Depot carries many packaging products that are ASTM Certified for child safety and tamper resistance. CoolJarz and FunkSac are two brands who’s multiple products have been tested and certified by the ASTM laboratory. Any products that we carry with ASTM Certification are labeled as such in the online product description.

Are the glass jars that MMC Depot carries airtight?
All containers that we carry are labeled as airtight and smell proof. We only carry brands that can claim these traits because they are made of higher quality glass and plastic materials with higher quality seals and closing mechanisms. Anything less compromises the marijuana products that are contained within, and therefore are ineffective in their intended use.

Does MMC Deliver, and to what areas?
MMC Depot is headquartered in Denver Colorado, so delivery by truck is currently available throughout the Denver metropolitan areas. For dispensaries in other states, MMC Depot has negotiated the best possible shipping rates with Federal Express so that deliveries can be made both expeditiously and economically. MMC Depot is planning satellite distribution centers coming soon on the west and east coasts to accommodate more efficient deliveries to dispensaries in states in those regions.

Does MMC Depot ship internationally?
Currently MMC Depot does not ship any packaging internationally. However, as demand warrants we will consider negotiating shipping rates with carriers in the future.

Is MMC Depot a medical marijuana dispensary as well?
MMC Depot only provides wholesale packaging products to the MMJ dispensary market throughout the continental United States. Packaging is our heritage: we are a fourth-generation, family-owned packaging business that was started in 1914 by our Great Grandfather, Harry Zussman, who bought and sold burlap sacks to farmers and other industries. From that beginning, Central Bag & Burlap, our parent company, has been selling packaging products to a variety of industries like grocery, restaurants, and manufacturing. It is with this experience in packaging that MMC Depot was created to meet the ever-growing needs of the new medical marijuana dispensary industry. Packaging, however, is what we do and what we do better than anyone else.

Are the plastic containers MMC Depot sells for marijuana BPA free?
All of the plastic containers MMC Depot sources is BPA free and meets the highest quality standards for use with any consumable products.

We’ve Got All of Your Marijuana Supplies and Cannabis Packaging Products Needs Covered:

Glass Jars
For storage or display, our thick-walled, airtight glass jars keep your bud and leaf products at their freshest. These dishwasher safe, BPA free, borosilicate glass jars are available in a variety of sizes with the option of baked on logos and rewritable labels for lasting functionality.

Marijuana Bags
From pre-rolls to edibles, syringes, shipping and cultivation, we’ve got your storage needs in the bag.

Pre-Rolled Tubes
Regulation compliant and odor proof, our pre-rolled tubes keep your grab-and-go products conveniently packaged, airtight, and child safe.

Concentrate Containers
BPA free acrylic, polystyrene, glass, and custom printed non-stick options perfect for pairing hash oil, wax, dab, and shatter.

Hash Oil Syringes
Mess-free and child resistant, these patent pending syringes are perfect for use with cartridge vapor pens and EvTI and EvSS dabbing tools.

Tincture Bottles & Vials
A great choice for oils and small dose liquids. Child resistant and tamper evident.

Edibles Packaging
BPA free, food grade, and child safe. Standard and custom sizes to meet your every edibles packaging need.

Child Resistant Packaging
CPSC approved and CFR compliant child resistant marijuana supplies and cannabis packaging products approved for poison prevention.

Edibles Packaging
Gloves, heat sealers, and more – our inventory is always expanding.
Don’t go nuts. Contain yourself with the perfect marijuana supplies and cannabis packaging products for your budding business. Find the help you need at MMC Depot today.

If the answers to your questions aren’t answered here, please contact us and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.