Ordering MMC Depot Dispensary Supplies

Ordering MMC Depot Dispensary Supplies:

MMC Depot distributes dispensary supplies to cannabis dispensaries, retail operations and grow centers in every state where marijuana is legally sold. We have built our distribution network of quality dispensary supplies from some of the best marijuana packaging manufacturers in the United States; and we have made it ultra easy for dispensaries and grow centers to order MMJ dispensary supplies — via online, email, phone or fax — so that they never get caught in a situation where they do not have the right packaging to meet state packaging regulations.

While what goes into the packaging is most important to end users, dispensaries and grow centers must be ever vigilant in how and what the cannabis products are packaged in so that they are always in compliance with strict regulations governing the packaging of any marijuana product, be it flower, edibles, concentrates, or liquids and oils.

MMC Depot accepts dispensary supply orders by

Phone at 800.783.1224

Fax at 303.297.9960, or

Online at MMCDepot.com

Online customers can check the status of their orders by logging into their business account.

Viewing Orders Online

All dispensary supply orders made online will get a confirmation email with shipping tracking info — We only ship through Fedex.

If you have created a website account at MMCDepot.com, you may login at anytime to view your orders and print invoices. MMC Depot sends email updates of your orders to your email address on file.