New Medical Marijuana Containers From MMC Depot | Denver, Colorado

Denver, CO, October 28, 2012 Top Denver, CO experts for medical marijuana containers, MMC Depot has recently announced that the company has added to its selection of packing products designed for the medicinal marijuana dispensary industry. The company’s new selection of grow bags and product containers are designed to be sold by medical marijuana dispensaries across the US in order to provide clientele with a superior solution that will improve plant growth and consistency.

One of the newest additions to the company catalog is the 5 Gallon Horticulture Pot. This innovative product is ideal for the medicinal marijuana supplier because it’s not only lightweight and easy-to-transport but is also made from breathable material that allows roots to cool during warmer weather and does not suffocate growth when plants have been over-watered. This product ensures healthy marijuana plant growth and provides growers and marijuana dispensaries with the ability to have consistent high quality plant growth for their medicinal marijuana dispensaries and end customers.

Because these products are made from recycled fabric, consumers can also be assured that their purchase has not had an adverse effect on the environment. This continues a long-standing commitment by MMC Depot to offer high-value products that are manufactured in an eco-friendly process.

To learn more about the latest medical marijuana containers now being offered by Denver-based MMC Depot, please visit the company’s web site at Visitors will find the company’s complete range of grow bags, plant pots, medicinal marijuana containers for display or personal use and more.