MMC Depot Offering CoolJarz™ Bowlz™ Medical Containers to Seattle MMJ Dispensaries

Denver, CO, June 30, 2013 –(– One of the leading packaging products wholesalers in the US, MMC Depot has announced they’re now offering several new medical marijuana containers to dispensaries in the Seattle area. The company’s new selection of containers includes CoolJarz™ Bowlz™ along with many other leading industry products.

Medical marijuana users across the US are searching for high quality containers that ensure their product is inaccessible to children and others within their home. Now, there is a new selection of storage solutions that are designed to offer tamper-proof safety and child-resistant security of medical marijuana products in the long-term.

Despite their exceptional security features, the new CoolJarz™ Bowlz™, available through MMC Depot, are designed to ensure complete ease-of-access to medical marijuana users. The wide-mouth opening of each CoolJarz™ Bowlz™ product means that users can seamlessly access their product using two fingers. And with their oversized lids, impaired users will have little difficulty opening and closing the container without assistance.

The CoolJarz™ Bowlz™ products are already exceptionally popular for medical containers in Seattle MMJ dispensaries. 100% American made, each of these storage solutions comes in 2 unique sizes and in 5 distinct colors to allow buyers to select their own unique style and differentiate various products just by sight. And, because they’re FDA-approved, dispensaries can rest assured that each product meets the highest of industry regulatory standards for construction quality and consistency. The CoolJarz containers also come in flip-top jars; screw-capped jars; and supersized bowls, depending on the need and end user preference.

CoolJarz™ Bowlz™ products are the leading choice for the safety-conscious medical marijuana user. To achieve great bulk pricing on these popular medical containers, contact the team at MMC Depot today or visit their business website at for more information.