Cost Effective Pricing on 420 Jars Seattle | MMC Depot

Seattle specialists for wholesale MMJ packaging products, MMC Depot has announced that they now offer cost-conscious bulk pricing on 420 jars. Seattle residents can now find 420 jars from MMC Depot that feature a distinctive array of specialty branded logos and designs on their exterior. The new jars have been specifically designed to ensure optimal, secure storage of medical marijuana products for the Seattle medicinal user. The new Cannaline™ 420 jars from MMC Depot are the ideal product for MMJ dispensaries across the Seattle area. In addition to their aesthetic value, they provide product protection through the use of thick walls and custom-made seals that protect the jar contents from the degrading effects of air or moisture. One of the reasons why so many dispensaries are now purchasing these high quality 420 jars is that the designs on their exterior are baked onto the product at high temperature. While other manufacturers use stickers to add emblems, logos and other graphics to their jars, Cannaline™ graphics are fused to the glass under high temperature. This means that the product will look like new over long-term use and washing. The company’s 420 jars can also be washed in a dishwasher, so they’re a practical addition to any user. High quality, practical-to-use 420 jars have never been more affordable. Contact sales at MMC Depot today to learn more about the great pricing options the company can offer to Seattle-area dispensaries. Alternatively, please visit their company website at to learn more about the range of product options available within their extensive MMJ container product catalog.